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The village of Lydiard Tregoz disappeared over 300 years ago and all that remains of it is the church. Lydiard Manor House was built adjacent to the church - guide books state a house could have been here from the Middle Ages, although the earliest record dates from the 1700s. Today, what is left of the estate is run by Swindon Borough Council.

Locals now refer to the estate as Lydiard Park. The park has beautiful and extensive grounds (some 250 acres) where you can just sit and admire the scenery, or follow one of the trails through the woodland.

The impressive monuments to various members of the St. John  family must look as good today as they did when they were erected. Do pick up a copy of the guide which, in its own words, sets out to attempt to answer some of the most frequent questions that visitors ask about the church, but it also mentions smaller, less obvious things that you might otherwise miss.



Church History and

The St John Family tryptich in St Mary’s

The Golden Cavalier

In recent years, repairs have had to be made to the historic stained glass windows, and measures have been taken to protect them from damage, and there is now a need to undertake extensive repairs to the structure of the building, to ensure it can be enjoyed, and used as a place of worship by future generations.


Progress of the Restoration Project will be recorded here.

Nicholas and Elizabeth St John 1592

See also, the St Mary’s entry in Britain Express travel guide.

Visiting St Mary’s


If you find the Church locked up when you visit, you may ask in Lydiard House for the Church to be opened, so you can look around. The Triptych is only opened on special occasions, however.