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Prayer Team and Pastoral Care


St Mary’s members operate a Prayer Team, who use a side chapel to provide private prayer for anyone requesting it during Communion services


Pastoral Care at St Mary’s


One of the greatest ways to witness to the world about our faith is to live the Kingdom of God so that people cannot miss it. The early church was famous in the world around because people saw how the Christians loved one another. The world is yearning for love and community. This is the founding principle of why we offer Pastoral Care.


At St Mary’s this care is offered, by the Minister and a group of Pastoral Friends - these individuals approved by the Church are asked to be aware of a number of families and individuals. In some cases they will be the first point of call before the Minister is contacted. On other occasions the Minister might ask them to visit. Our minister likes to call them Beer Buddies and the Tea and Cake Brigade.


See The Principles of Pastoral Care



Church Flowers


Details of St Mary’s Flower Arranging Team may be found here.


The Mothers’ Union at St Mary’s has a regular programme of meetings with invited speakers, and gives valuable support to Church activities with a tireless Refreshments Team, who provide beverages and home-made baking.


Information about meetings can be found here