St Mary’s Church Notices

For the week commencing Sunday 17 September 2017




LEADER: Father God, source of all knowledge and wisdom
We welcome you here
Jesus, the teacher who calls disciples to follow him
PEOPLE: We welcome you here
Spirit, bringer of understanding and insight
We welcome you here


10.00 am:                  Harvest Family Service     

LEADER:                   Peter Roslyk

DUTY WARDEN:      Doreen Henderson

BIBLE READER1:    Tish Vass

BIBLE READING1:   Matthew 13 v 1-9; New Testament p19

BIBLE READER2:     Paula/Connie Roach

BIBLE READING2:    Matthew 13 v 18-23; New Testament p20



BAPTISM:                 Today at 1.30 pm. Please welcome Eric James Mansfield, his parents, family and friends.


After the service, please join us for tea/coffee in the Stable Room. You will find it to the left, near the church gate.


5.00 – 6.30 pm: The Gathering at St Mary’s Church

7.00 pm:  Encounter at St Mary’s Church

Please see posters at the back of the Church, and in the Stable Room
























St Andrews Methodist Church, Moredon.



Tue 19 Sep:  7.30 pm Bell ringing practice at St Mary’s Bell Tower

Tue 19 Sep:  7.30 pm MLT meeting in the Stable Room

Wed 20 Sep: 11.30 am Midweek Worship at Toothill Church

Fri 22 Sep:     8.45 am Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity Church, Shaw – term time only

Mon 25 Sep:  7.30 pm Prayer Group. 26 The Bramptons, Shaw Ridge. Contact Wendy on Swindon 87711.

Wed 27 Sep:   7.15 pm Junior Church Leaders’ meeting at 3 Parr Close, Grange Park

Thu 05 Oct:    7.00 for 7.30 pm.Toothill Church. Bishop of Bristol Open Consultation Meeting.

Wednesday evening Homegroup will not meet for a few weeks owing to holidays.







Our Minister Clive’s next day off will be Wednesday 20 September.

Trevor’s days off this week are Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September.

Please do not phone, text or send emails (nor copy emails) to them on these days – they are ‘rest days’ to spend with family.





















ys’ to spend with family.